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  YangZhou HaiXing CNC Brush Machine Co., LtdFounded in 1985 a professional company which engaged in research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sale service in brush machine. We have a professional team of outstanding engineers engaged in technology research and development, after 30 years of technology accumulation, we have designed and produced a lot of excellent performance of the brush machines are sold to domestic and foreign markets.
  Our development and production of machine not only includes toothbrush machines, short-hair machines, broom machines in vertical and horizontal, but also including vertical and horizontal machine for producing rolling brush, disc brush, wire brush, industrial brush . From single head machine to double head machine to meet the request of users from small to large quantities of different stages of production, to provide users with a reasonable price, good quality of the tufting machine and solutions.
  In addition to our tufting machine, also developed the production of auxiliary machine for tufting machine, such as separate trimming machine, automatic trimming machine, automatic trimming & flagging machine and automatic feeding machine, continue to provide high quality products and more choices for users.




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