How to maintain the machine


How to maintain the machine
(1) The operator should frequently add lubricating oil to the moving parts of the wool planting machine to reduce mechanical wear.
(2) Regularly check whether the screw is loose and should be locked in time.
(3) Keep the guide rail and screw clean to avoid debris adhering to the guide rail or screw, which will affect the accuracy of work positioning.
(4) Ensure that the electric box works in a ventilated environment, avoid humid or high temperature environment, and prevent the electric box from vibrating violently.
(5) The electrical box cannot work in the environment of strong electromagnetic field, otherwise an uncontrolled situation may occur.
(6) The input power wiring should be correct (red, blue, yellow wire are connected to 380V three-phase wire, green wire is connected to zero wire, yellow and green phase line grounding wire), pin number: 1, 2, 3 is 380V phase line, 4 zero wire, 5 ground wire. The operating voltage should be stable and kept at AC380±10V, too high voltage may cause electronic components to burn.
(7) It is forbidden to tap the touch screen with hard objects, otherwise it will cause a decrease in sensitivity or even smash the glass screen.
(8) It is forbidden to pull the cable too hard.
(9) There is high-voltage electricity in the electrical box, and when there is a failure, non-professionals should not disassemble it to prevent electric shock or even damage the system data.

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