The Relevance of Toothbrush Flocking Machine Industry


What is a hair grafting machine?
The hair grafting machine is a variety of brush products, such as toothbrushes, hair dyeing brushes, head combs, wire brushes, fruit cleaning machine rollers, brush rollers and other products of hair grafting processing equipment. Zui was early for hand-cranked hair transplanting machine, later developed into electric hair transplanting machine, with the development of automation, has now developed a variety of computer numerical control high-speed hair transplanting machine.
Secondly, it talks about the structure and action of the toothbrush hair grafting machine.
The machine head is the main mechanical part of the toothbrush hair grafting machine, and the main actions of hair grafting: hair removal, thread cutting, iron wire forming, iron wire tying the brush wire, and implanting the brush wire into the hole. The machine head mainly realizes the above main actions through the connecting rod and cam structure. Equipment positioning accuracy, such as: table positioning accuracy, mechanical structure has no gaps, processing process from slow to fast repeatability, control system with what pusher, what motor to use, etc.

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