What is the feeding system of toothbrush flocking machine?


Feeding system of toothbrush hair grafting machine. Involved in the field of toothbrush manufacturing. The feeding system includes a conveyor belt system connected sequentially in the X direction, a separation feeding system, a steering turning system and a grabbing and transferring system; The conveyor belt system includes a conveyor belt moving in the X direction, a conveyor belt drive device, a conveyor belt frame and a feeding silo set along the Z direction; The separation feeding system includes a feeding system, a separation system and a pair of side baffles, a pair of side baffles fixed connection, and all parallel to the ZX plane; The steering flipping system includes a frame, a traveling system, a steering system, and a flipping system; The handling transfer system includes a bracket set along the Z direction, a cross beam set along the Y direction, a transfer system and a handling system; The feeding system also includes a control system. On the whole, a single branch can be fed into the hair planting machine, and at the same time, the position of the brush handle of the toothbrush, the front and back of the brush handle and the unity of the direction of the brush head are effectively guaranteed, and then the purpose of the hair grafting effect and the hair grafting rate of the hair transplanting machine can be effectively guaranteed.

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