Toothbrush flocking machine industry is closely related to the circular economy


As a production mode of circular economy, industrial wool grafting technology can reach or surpass new products through product volume and performance through remanufacturing. At the same time, because the remanufacturing process is only the repair and processing of the original parts, the cost is 50% of the new product, and it can save 60% of energy and more than 70% of metal materials.
In the first half of industrial history, we were using resources to promote economic growth, and now it seems that the "circular economy" is the "fourth dimensional frontier" that an industrial country must guard. The frontier view of the wool planting machine industry not only includes the three-dimensional physics composed of new energy, industrial layout and emerging technology. The circular economy is gradually extending into our living habits. While the industry is developing itself, enterprises combine circular economy with products to create benefits for the times.

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