Different number of axes of toothbrush flockers produce different brush tools


Brush is inseparable tools in daily life, but also commonly used accessories in industrial production, brush industry has a very broad market prospects, so brush companies are improving production capacity, improve production power in full efforts, but also toothbrush hair grafting machine processing technology and processing power put forward high requirements.
As the basic production machines of the brush industry, the drilling machine and toothbrush hair grafting machine have received great attention to the improvement and improvement of their skills.
The drilling/toothbrush grafting machine can be used to manufacture various household brushes, such as toothbrushes, brooms, shoe brushes, wooden brushes, wire brushes, copper wire brushes, toilet brushes, etc. In the field of industrial brushes, such as brush rolls, disc brushes, etc. are also inseparable from drilling machines, toothbrush hair grafting machines.

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