The efficiency of the hair transplantation machine depends on the speed of hair extraction


The efficiency of the hair planting machine in the hair planting process depends on the wool picking speed, many poor quality brush wire problems mainly: uneven diameter, bent hair and broken wire, hair sticking together, if the hair sticks together easy to lead to a time too much hair, the number of hair roots becomes more, resulting in jamming machine, hole explosion and other phenomena, serious even loss of hair planting machine, affecting hair planting efficiency, so we need to pay attention to temperature control accuracy when purchasing brush wire, so that the diameter of the brush wire produced is uniform and consistent, effectively improving the efficiency of hair planting by 20%. The toothbrush brush brush grinder also has the smoothness of the product, the uniformity of the diameter, whether there are bent hairs and broken wires, and you can also find a wool planting machine manufacturer to take samples on the machine to produce, so as to ensure that nothing is lost!

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