The next five years strive to change from quantitative to qualitative change


The source of transformation: the management decision-making level has undergone qualitative changes in the business philosophy Warm congratulations to the new management decision-making layer of Yangzhou Starfish Digital Control Brush Equipment Co., Ltd. for its establishment for about 3 years, on the one hand, constantly clarifying historical criticisms, on the other hand, gradually abandoning the traditional business philosophy, changing the previous pursuit of quantity to the pursuit of quality, and turning from concepts, products, management, technology and models to modernization and internationalization in an all-round way; After nearly 3 years of combing, we expect the next five years to be a period of real high-quality growth for the company.
Transformed products: pyramid product strategy to enhance competitiveness and profitability The company is implementing the "pyramid product strategy": brush making machinery, the company has turned to brand operation and channel construction, production and manufacturing outsourcing; Mid-range products, fully launched in 5 new categories; High-end products, increase investment in independent research and development, overcome 5-axis technology. We believe that the restructuring of the production process will lead to significant cost reductions and efficiency optimizations.
Management of transformation: pay attention to finance internally, pay attention to marketing externally According to the analysis of the first three quarters of financial reports, the company may have paid equal attention to scale indicators and profit indicators, and may have begun to adjust the assessment indicators of business units during the year, and strengthen the management of monetary funds of each business unit and the monitoring of collection and capital expenditure (including expense expenditure) to improve the efficiency of capital use. The company is promoting 4S stores, which should be able to effectively expand product sales and increase the proportion of service revenue.

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