The efficiency of the hair transplanting machine in the process of hair transplanting depends on the speed of hair extraction


In fact, toothbrush bristles are covered with a large number of bacteria that we cannot see with the naked eye, but they are the culprits of dental disease. How to eliminate these grinding leprechauns? This requires us to wash the toothbrush thoroughly, clean the food residue and dirt on it, shake the water dry, put it in a separate mug, and do not contact with other people's toothbrushes to avoid cross-infection. Place the brush head upwards in a dry and ventilated place. We should also pay attention to the situation of the bristles, once deformed, curled, broken, the cleaning ability of the toothbrush will be poor, and it may scratch the gums, causing bleeding and gingivitis, so replace it in time. Even if the toothbrush is used well, it should be replaced within three months to avoid the growth of too many bacteria.
The choice of toothbrush, it is recommended that you choose a toothbrush with small soft bristles. The size of the brush head and the softness and hardness of the bristles are also particular. The toothbrush head can usually cover the tooth surface of the two front teeth as well, we can choose according to the age in the supermarket, 0-2 years old brush head is about 15 mm long, 2-6 years old brush head is about 19 mm long, 6-12 years old brush head is about 22 mm long, over 12 years old about 25 mm long. The brush head should not be too long, otherwise it is difficult to clean to the back half of the mouth, the width is no more than four rows of bristles, the top of the brush head is oval, such a brush head is convenient to operate; The material of the bristles should be selected soft and fine nylon wire, the top of the bristles is a polished surface, wear-resistant and easy to dry, the softness and hardness of the bristles should be moderate, too hard will damage the tooth tissue, too soft and not easy to clean. The toothbrush handle should be more comfortable to hold, elastic and non-slip.

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